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Ragebreed Radio focuses on signed, underground, self-financed and unsigned artists around the globe. For those that enjoy quality music from a quality brand globally.

Ragebreed Radio - Episode 334 - Headbangers

June 27th, 2022

Karina A Sher AKA DJ Angel Witch is back with a killer episode of Headbangers with some positive messages and anti bullying messages from A list to E list bands (including Steve Zing, Gary Lee Connor, Aaron Stainthorpe, Tony Dolan, David Ingram, Nige Rockett just to name) a few plus affiliations about Ragebreed.  We have some amazing music from bands from around the world to remind us all, metal music is for every race not just one!  Music from Mindlapse, Kill Frenzy, AxMinister, Torn Fabriks, OvDeth, Decapitated, Morbid Angel just to name a few and loads of music within the death metal, thrash and black metal genre, bang your heads to some great music!  Also some info on Ragefest UK!  Not to be missed!  An absolute banger of an episode!

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