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Ragebreed Radio - Episode 211 - The Autopsy Report

February 8th, 2022

The Autopsy Report Rock & Metal Radio Show week commencing February 7th 2022.

This Week’s Playlist: 

Parrhesia – Escape From Phoenix 
MK – Run 
Statement – The Reaper 
Flavel Drive – Revolution 
Indemon – Fear Of Living 
Thunderor – Fire It Up 
Dead Demons – Another Space In Time Coldwards – My Skeletons 
A Ritual Spirit – Free The Fallen 
Renaissance Rock Orchestra – In My Lovin’ Arms Fury – If You Get To Hell 
First Virgins Of The Seven Seas – Electric Feather Ward XVI – Imago 
Alphoenix – Return Of The Savior 
Billy Bio – Turn The Wounds 
Spill Your Guts – Blood Soaked Wolves Rhetoric – The Watchmen 
Managram – Ulvhjärtat 
Circa Arcana – The Tower 
Braincell – Defensive Wounds 
Embryonic Autopsy – Cauterized Womb Impalement 
Enemy Of The Enemy – The Last Dance 
Case 39 – Fucked Up Forever 
Volbeat – Doc Holiday

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